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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest and most popular T20 cricket leagues in the world. IPL 2023 promises to be an exciting season with many changes and innovations. In this article, we will take a closer look at what fans can expect from the IPL 2023 season.

IPL 2023 teams list

IPL 2023 Teams

The upcoming IPL 2023 season will have a total of 10 teams, which is a significant increase from the current 8 teams. The teams will be divided into two groups of five teams each, and each team will play against the other four teams in their group twice. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs.

IPL 2023 Group AIPL 2023 Group B
Mumbai IndiansChennai Super Kings
Rajasthan RoyalsPunjab Kings
Kolkata Knight RidersSunrisers Hyderabad
Delhi ChallengersRoyal Challengers Bangalore
Lucknow Super GiantsGujrat Titians

IPL 2023 Matches

The IPL 2023 season will have a total of 94 matches, which is a significant increase from the current 60 matches, owing to the addition of two new teams to the league. These matches will be played across 12 venues in India. Additionally, there will be 18 double-header days in the season, with day games starting at 3:30 PM IST and evening games starting at 7:30 PM IST. The first double-header day of the season is scheduled to take place on April 1, 2023, with Punjab Kings playing against Kolkata Knight Riders in Mohali and Lucknow Super Giants taking on Delhi Capitals in Lucknow.

DatesHome TeamAway TeamVenueTime
31- March-2023Gujarat TitansChennai Super KingsAhmedabad7:30 PM
01-April-2023PunjabKolkata Knight RidersMohali3:30 PM
01-April-2023Lucknow Super GiantsDelhi CapitalsLucknow7:30 PM
02- April-2023Sunrisers HyderabadRajasthan RoyalsHyderabad3:30 PM
02- April-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreMumbai IndiansBengaluru7:30 PM
03- April-2023Chennai Super KingsLucknow Super GiantsChennai7:30 PM
04-April-2023Delhi CapitalsGujarat TitansDelhi7:30 PM
05 April-2023Rajasthan RoyalsPunjab KingsGuwahati7:30 PM
06 April-2023Kolkata Knight RidersRoyal Challengers BangaloreKolkata7:30 PM
07 April-2023Lucknow Super GiantsSunrisers HyderabadLucknow7:30 PM
08 April-2023Rajasthan RoyalsDelhi CapitalsGuwahati3:30 PM
08 April-2023Mumbai IndiansChennai Super KingsMumbai7:30 PM
09 April-2023Gujarat TitansKolkata Knight RidersAhmedabad3:30 PM
09 April-2023Sunrisers HyderabadPunjab KingsHyderabad7:30 PM
10- April-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreLucknow Super GiantsBengaluru7:30 PM
11- April-2023Delhi CapitalsMumbai IndiansDelhi7:30 PM
12- April-2023Chennai Super KingsRajasthan RoyalsChennai7:30 PM
13- April-2023Punjab KingsGujarat TitansMohali7:30 PM
14- April-2023Kolkata Knight RidersSunrisers HyderabadKolkata7:30 PM
15- April-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreDelhi CapitalsBengaluru3:30 PM
15- April-2023Lucknow Super GiantsPunjab KingsLucknow7:30 PM
16-April-2023Mumbai IndiansKolkata Knight RidersMumbai3:30 PM
16-April-2023Gujarat TitansRajasthan RoyalsGujarat7:30 PM
17- April-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreChennai Super KingsBengaluru7:30 PM
18- April-2023Sunrisers HyderabadMumbai IndiansHyderabad7:30 PM
19- April-2023Rajasthan RoyalsLucknow Super GiantsJaipur7:30 PM
20- April-2023Punjab KingsRoyal Challengers BangaloreMohali3:30 PM
20- April-2023Delhi CapitalsKolkata Knight RidersDelhi7:30 PM
21-April-2023Chennai Super KingsSunrisers HyderabadChennai7:30 PM
22- April-2023Lucknow Super GiantsGujarat TitansLucknow3:30 PM
22- April-2023Mumbai IndianPunjab KingsMumbai7:30 PM
23- April-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreRajasthan RoyalsBengaluru3:30 PM
23- April-2023Kolkata Knight RidersChennai Super KingsKolkata7:30 PM
24- April-2023Sunrisers HyderabadDelhi CapitalsHyderabad7:30 PM
25- April-2023Gujarat TitansMumbai IndiansAhmedabad7:30 PM
26- April-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreKolkata Knight RidersBengaluru7:30 PM
27- April-2023Rajasthan RoyalsChennai Super KingsJaipur7:30 PM
28- April-2023Punjab KingsLucknow Super GiantsMohali7:30 PM
29- April-2023Kolkata Knight RidersGujarat TitansKolkata3:30 PM
29- April-2023Delhi CapitalsSunrisers HyderabadDelhi7:30 PM
30- April-2023Chennai Super KingsPunjab KingsChennai3:30 PM
30- April-2023Mumbai IndiansRajasthan RoyalsMumbai7:30 PM
01-May-2023Lucknow Super GiantsRoyal Challengers BangaloreLucknow7:30 PM
02-May-2023Gujarat TitansDelhi CapitalsAhmedabad7:30 PM
03-May-2023Punjab KingsMumbai IndiansMohali7:30 PM
04-May-2023Lucknow Super GiantsChennai Super KingsLucknow3:30 PM
04-May-2023Sunrisers HyderabadKolkata Knight RidersHyderabad7:30 PM
05-May-2023Rajasthan RoyalsGujarat TitansJaipur7:30 PM
06-May-2023Chennai Super KingsMumbai IndiansChennai3:30 PM
06-May-2023Delhi CapitalsRoyals Challengers BangaloreDelhi7:30 PM
07-May-2023Gujarat TitansLucknow Super GiantsAhmedabad3:30 PM
07-May-2023Rajasthan RoyalsSunrisers HyderabadJaipur7:30 PM
08-May-2023Kolkata Knight RidersPunjab KingsKolkata7:30 PM
09-May-2023Mumbai IndiansRoyal Challengers BangaloreMumbai7:30 PM
10-May-2023Chennai Super KingsDelhi CapitalsChennai7:30 PM
11-May-2023Kolkata Knight RidersRajasthan RoyalsKolkata7:30 PM
12-May-2023Mumbai IndiansGujarat TitansMumbai7:30 PM
13-May-2023Sunrisers HyderabadLucknow Super GiantsHyderabad3:30 PM
13-May-2023Delhi CapitalsPunjab KingsDelhi7:30 PM
14-May-2023Rajasthan RoyalsRoyal Challengers BangaloreJaipur3:30 PM
14-May-2023Chennai Super KingsKolkata Knight RidersChennai7:30 PM
15-May-2023Gujarat TitansSunrisers HyderabadAhmedabad7:30 PM
16-May-2023Lucknow Super GiantsMumbai IndiansLucknow7:30 PM
17-May-2023Punjab KingsDelhi CapitalsDharamshala7:30 PM
18-May-2023Sunrisers HyderabadRoyal Challengers BangaloreHyderabad7:30 PM
19-May-2023Punjab KingsDelhi CapitalsDharamshala7:30 PM
20-May-2023Delhi CapitalsChennai Super KingsDelhi3:30 PM
20-May-2023Kolkata Knight RidersLucknow Super GiantsKolkata7:30 PM
21-May-2023Mumbai IndiansSunrisers HyderabadMumbai3:30 PM
21-May-2023Royal Challengers BangaloreGujarat TitansBengaluru7:30 PM

IPL 2023 Retention Policy

The retention window for the 10 franchises to retain players for the TATA Indian Premier League 2023 season ended on November 15, 2022. In IPL 2023, each team can retain a maximum of four players. If a team chooses to retain three players, they will receive an additional purse of INR 2 crore. The retention policy is aimed at allowing teams to maintain the core of their squads while also allowing the addition of new players to the team during the player auction.

Released Players

Every year, before the start of the new season, franchises release some players from their roster to make room for new signings. Ahead of IPL 2023, many big names were released, which came as a surprise to many fans.

One of the most notable players released ahead of IPL 2023 is Kuldeep Yadav, the left-arm wrist-spinner from Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Kuldeep was an integral part of the KKR team for many years, but his performance has been inconsistent in recent times. Another big name released is Glenn Maxwell from Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Maxwell was bought by RCB for a whopping 14.25 crore in the previous auction, but he failed to deliver consistent performances.

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) also released some of their key players, including the likes of Manish Pandey, Wriddhiman Saha, and Jason Holder. Pandey was one of the most consistent batsmen for SRH over the years, but his poor form in the last season led to his release. Saha and Holder, both experienced players, also failed to make an impact in the previous season, leading to their release.

Overall, the released players list for IPL 2023 has raised many eyebrows, as it includes some big names who were once considered match-winners for their respective teams. It remains to be seen which franchises will pick up these players in the upcoming auction and how they will perform for their new teams.

Broadcasting Rights

The broadcasting rights for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 have been a hot topic of discussion since the announcement of the tournament. The digital streaming rights for the annual two-month competition were sold for $6.4 million per match, which is higher than the value of the television rights. This indicates the growing trend of digital viewership and the potential for greater revenue from online platforms.

The broadcasting rights for the IPL 2023 matches have been sold to several media companies. In India, Star Sports will be the official broadcaster of the tournament, while in the United States, the matches will be broadcast on Hotstar and Willow TV. Additionally, the matches will be broadcast on various other networks and streaming platforms around the world. The sale of broadcasting rights is a major source of revenue for the IPL and the teams participating in the tournament. It also plays a crucial role in expanding the reach of the IPL to a global audience, making it one of the most-watched sports leagues in the world.

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In conclusion, the 2023 Indian Premier League promises to be an exciting season for cricket fans all over the world. With a return to its original home and a sponsorship deal with TATA, the league is set to feature some of the best players from around the globe competing for their respective franchises. As the tournament approaches, fans can look forward to watching their favorite teams and players battle it out for the coveted IPL title. It remains to be seen who will emerge as the champions of IPL 2023, but one thing is for sure – it will be a thrilling ride for all involved.

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