I-League Season 2023-24 – Final Results, Standings, Tables

Mohammedan Sporting Club confirmed their status as I-League 2023-24 champions.

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Mohammedan Sporting Club won I-League title

Mohammedan Sporting Club beat Shillong Lajong 2-1 on Saturday, April 6, to confirm their status as I-League 2023-24 champions.

Mohammedan Sporting Club‘s journey to the I-League 2023-24 championship and their impending promotion to the Indian Super League (ISL) marks a significant milestone in Indian football, especially for Kolkata football enthusiasts. The club’s resurgence from a period of relative obscurity in the top tiers of Indian football to clinching the I-League title is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

With their promotion to the ISL, Mohammedan Sporting Club is poised to join the ranks of the top football clubs in India, alongside other historic clubs like Mohun Bagan Supergiants and East Bengal. This development could potentially set the stage for a thrilling ISL 2024-25 season with all three Kolkata giants competing against each other.

The club’s victory over Shillong Lajong in the crucial match on April 6, where they secured the championship with a 2-1 win, further underscores their determination and skill. The match was a closely contested affair, with both teams displaying commendable performances.

Mohammedan Sporting Club‘s success also highlights the importance of sustained efforts in developing football talent and infrastructure in India. As the sport continues to gain popularity and support in the country, achievements like this serve as inspiration for young footballers and fans alike.

After 23 matches, Mohammedan Sporting top the I-League table with 52 points – eight more than second-placed Sreenidi Deccan, who have two matches left to play this season and can earn a maximum of six points.


I-League 2023-24 Table

PosTeamPlayedWDLGoals forGoals againstGoal differencePointsQualification
1Mohammedan (Champions, Promoted)24157244222252Promotion to Indian Super League
2Sreenidi Deccan24146454262848
3Gokulam Kerala24126655342142
4Inter Kashi2411854741641
5Real Kashmir24117636191740
7Churchill Brothers249694031933
8Shillong Lajong248793637−131
11Rajasthan United2467114063−2325
12NEROCA (Relegated)2443172661−3515Relegation to I-League 2
13TRAU (Relegated) 2442182664−3814

List of awards for I-League 2023-24

Best Player: Alejandro Sanchez Lopez (Gokulam Kerala FC) (INR 1,00,000)
Best Goalkeeper: Padam Chettri (Mohammedan Sporting) (INR 1,00,000)
Jarnail Singh Award for Best Defender: Muhammad Hammad (Real Kashmir FC) (iNR 1,00,000)
Best Midfielder: Mirjalol Kasimov (Mohammedan Sporting) (INR 1,00,000)
Highest Scorer: Alejandro Sanchez Lopez (Gokulam Kerala FC) (19 goals) (INR 1,00,000)
Best Emerging Player: Gyamar Nikum (Inter Kashi) (INR 1,00,000)
Syed Abdul Rahim Award for Best Coach: Andrey Chernyshov (Mohammedan Sporting) (INR 1,00,000)
Winners of Fair Play Contest: TRAFC (INR 1,00,000)
Best Match Organisation: Mohammedan Sporting (INR 1,00,000)
Participating Club with Best Media Operations: Mohammedan Sporting (INR 1,00,000)

Top Scorers

1Álex SánchezGokulam Kerela19
2Richardson DenzellRajasthan United16
3Lalrinzuala LalbiakniaAizawl15
4Eddie HernándezMohammedan13
Sérgio BarbozaDelhi
6Gnohere KrizoReal Kashmir12
Mario BarcoInter Kashi
8David CastañedaSreenidi Deccan10
9William AlvesSreenidi Deccan8
10Ogana LouisChurchill Brothers7


Yash TripathiRajasthan UnitedDelhi3–4 (A)2 November 2023
Álex SánchezGokulam KeralaRajasthan United5–0 (H)9 November 2023
Lalrinzuala LalbiakniaAizawlNEROCA3–1 (A)14 November 2023
Richardson DenzellRajasthan UnitedTRAU5-4 (H)22 December 2023
Eddie HernándezMohammedanRajasthan United5-1 (H)13 February 2024
Abdou Karim SambChurchill BrothersNEROCA3–2 (A)8 March 2024
Marin MudrazijaRajasthan UnitedNEROCA5–1 (H)11 March 2024
Sérgio BarbozaDelhiShillong Lajong3–1 (H)28 March 2024

Top assists

1Mario BarcoInter Kashi12
2Edmund LalrindikaInter Kashi8
3Faysal ShayestehSreenidi Deccan7
4Deepak SinghTRAU6
Alexis GómezMohammedan
Martín ChávesChurchill Brothers
7Lalchungnunga ChhangteRajasthan United5
Hardy NongbriShillong Lajong
Carlos LombaReal Kashmir
10Noufal PNGokulam Kerala4
Álex SánchezGokulam Kerela
Ragav GuptaRajasthan United
Gnohere KrizoReal Kashmir
Wahengbam AngousanaMohammedan
Lalremsanga FanaiMohammedan
NiliGokulam Kerela
Edu BediaGokulam Kerala
Gyamar NikumInter Kashi

I-League 2024-25: All You Need to Know

The upcoming I-League 2024-25 season promises another exciting chapter in Indian football. The official kick-off date for the I-League 2024-25 is yet to be announced, but following the usual pattern, the season is expected to begin in mid-October 2024 and conclude by April 2025. Matches will be played across various stadiums in India, hosted by the participating teams.

The final list of participants is usually confirmed closer to the season start. However, based on the previous season and the promotion/relegation system, here’s what we can expect:

  • Promoted Teams: The champion and runner-up of I-League 2 2023-24 will secure promotion to I-League 2024-25.
  • Relegated Teams: The two bottom-placed teams in I-League 2023-24 will face relegation to I-League 2 2024-25.
  • Returning Teams: Teams that participated in the 2023-24 I-League season and avoided relegation will likely return for the new season. This could include familiar names like Aizawl FC, Churchill Brothers, and Rajasthan United.


Mohammedan Sporting Club’s triumph in the I-League 2023-24 season marks a historic moment for the club. Not only did they secure their first-ever I-League title, but they also earned a coveted promotion to the top tier of Indian football, the Indian Super League. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of the players, coaching staff, and passionate fans. Their success paves the way for an exciting future for the club and potentially reunites the “Big Three” of Kolkata giants in the ISL.
The “Big Three” of Kolkata giants in the ISL refers to the following three football clubs:

  1. Mohun Bagan Athletic Club (Now known as Mohun Bagan Super Giant): The oldest existing football club in India, established in 1889. They are already a part of the ISL.
  2. East Bengal Club: Founded in 1920, another historic club from Kolkata. They recently gained promotion to the ISL, potentially rejoining Mohun Bagan in the league.
  3. Mohammedan Sporting Club: Established in 1891, they are the third club in this prestigious group. Their recent I-League win might pave the way for their future inclusion in the ISL, potentially reuniting the “Big Three”.
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