Table Tennis Betting Guide: Tips & Predictions

Betting on table tennis can potentially be highly lucrative if done properly.

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How to Bet on Table Tennis and Win

Table tennis is an exciting and high-speed sport that has been a popular pastime among enthusiasts for many years. It has also become increasingly popular as a spectator sport, with the growth of professional leagues and international tournaments such as the World Table Tennis Championships. Furthermore, more people have become interested in betting on table tennis in recent years due to its relatively fast-paced nature and the wide range of possible outcomes.

The sport consists of two players or teams facing each other over a net on a hard surface table tennis table. Each side then take turns attempting to hit a small, white plastic ball over the net using either a forehand or backhand shot into the opponent’s court area. The rally continues until one team fails to return the ball correctly, leading to either an outright win or a point awarded by an umpire.

Betting on table tennis can be a great way to add excitement to watching a match and even potentially make some money while doing so. However, it is important to understand how to bet on table tennis and what strategies can help you increase your chances of success when placing bets on this unique sport. This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about betting on table tennis and how to maximize your chances of winning.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

Check Out the Players’ Profiles

When it comes to table tennis betting, having an expert understanding of the players’ profiles is essential for successful wagering. Knowing which players are experienced and which ones are new to the sport can provide invaluable insight into how a match may play out.

First, look at a player’s history to assess their experience level. Are they a seasoned veteran with years of international competition or are they just starting out in the sport? Evaluating this aspect can offer valuable insight into a player’s approach to the game and the strategies they might employ during a match.

Another important factor to consider when studying a player’s profile is their skill set. The types of shots they are comfortable making and their strategy plays a large role in determining how successful they will be against their opponent. For example, some players prefer to focus on spin while others favor power-based tactics. Taking all this information into account can make all the difference when it comes time to place your bet.

Finally, don’t forget about style preferences and playing conditions. Some players prefer certain playing surfaces over others and may find themselves performing better on specific courts or tables than on others. In addition, certain styles of play may be better suited for certain opponents or particular places of competition. It’s important to take all these things into account before placing your bets so you have an idea of what type of outcome you should expect from each match up.

Analyze the History of Two Players

Doing so can give you insights into a player’s favored strategies and techniques, as well as their weaknesses and strengths. Evaluating this data can also help you identify patterns in players’ playing styles and give you an advantage when predicting the outcome of future matches.

When studying the history of two players’ previous matches, look for information such as how many sets each player has won or lost against each other, which areas or shots they have excelled at and which ones they have struggled with.

Also take note of any match-ups where one player has consistently performed better than the other, as this could indicate that one may have a psychological advantage over their opponent. Additionally, consider any changes in technique or style between previous games and more recent ones; these could be signs that a player is introducing new strategies to counter their opponents’ tactics.

It can also be beneficial to analyze the score-lines between the two players’ previous matches. If one player has regularly won by wide margins then it could suggest that they are in peak form while if score-lines are often tight then this could be an indication that both players are evenly matched but one may need to make small adjustments to gain an edge over their opponent.

Learn Who Is the Leader

Knowing who is leading the match begins with understanding how different styles of play affect a match’s outcome. With table tennis, there are four primary styles that players use: all-around, offensive, defensive, and combination.

All-around players tend to be well rounded with no particular specialty; they don’t specialize in any specific style but instead move around the table using various strategies in order to confuse their opponents and gain an advantage. Offensive players focus on aggressive strokes and quick serves, while defensive players rely more on strong defense and counterattack opportunities. Combination players use a mix of both offensive and defensive strategies in order to outwit opponents.

Once you have determined which style your opponent is using, it’s time to look at their individual strengths in order to determine who has the better chance of winning. Some key areas that should be considered include control over spin, power off the bat (or paddle) when returning shots, footwork ability for chasing down shots across the court, consistency when returning shots from difficult angles or long distances, mental strength for staying focused throughout a long match or tough points, as well as overall physical fitness levels.

Look at the Style of Play

As with any sport, there is no single definitive style that will guarantee success in all matches. However, understanding the various strategies and recognizing patterns can give bettors an edge when making their bets.

The most common type of table tennis play is an aggressive style. This involves using a lot of power and spin on shots, as well as looking for openings to attack opponents quickly. Aggressive players tend to focus on putting pressure on their opponents early in points and then closing out points quickly by either serving an ace or finishing off a strong rally. While this type of play can be successful, it carries the risk of being too predictable. Betting against such players can be profitable if done correctly.

On the other hand, defensive players tend to stay back from the table and try to keep rallies going for as long as possible in order to wear down their opponents. These players usually rely on placement and patience rather than power and spin, looking for openings where they can take control of points without taking too many risks. Betting against these types of players can be more difficult than betting against aggressive ones, as they are less likely to make mistakes due to their steady nature.

Finally, there is what is known as the all-rounder style which combines elements from both aggressive and defensive play. All-rounders are able to use a variety of shots depending on what situation they find themselves in during a point or match. They often have no definitive playing style but instead vary their tactics depending on who they are up against or what kind of point they are trying to win at any given time. Betting against all-rounders can be tricky since it is difficult to predict what type of shot selection they will employ at any given moment during a match – though those who watch enough matches regularly may develop an understanding for how these players tend to approach certain situations over time.

Find Out the Winning Percentage of Each Player

When it comes to table tennis betting, there are several factors that can influence the winning percentage of a player, such as their current form, style of play, and experience. For example, players who are more experienced in the sport tend to have better winning percentages than those with less experience.

Similarly, players who use different strategies during matches may also have higher success rates than those that do not employ any specific strategy. Additionally, players who are able to adjust their strategies on a match-by-match basis often have higher winning percentages than those who remain consistent with their approach.

Another factor that affects winning percentages is equipment. Players who invest in quality rackets and high-end balls can gain an edge over their opponents by taking advantage of superior performance materials like carbon fiber composites or titanium alloys. Furthermore, playing on properly maintained tables can give players an edge with smoother surfaces generating less friction and providing improved ball control and spin capabilities.

Finally, understanding how scoring works in table tennis matches is key to maximizing your winnings when it comes to betting on them. The majority of tournaments utilize a best-of-five format where each set must be won by two clear points; however, some tournaments feature shorter formats which may lead to quicker results and increased volatility if one player dominates early on in the match. Taking into account these factors as well as individual performances from each athlete will help you gain a better understanding of how successful they will likely be when competing against others in similar conditions so that you can make more informed bets when placing wagers on upcoming table tennis events.

Look at the Odds

The betting odds are indicative of the probability of a certain outcome happening, and can be used as a guide when deciding which bets to make.

One of the most important things for a table tennis bettor to understand is how different events will affect the odds. For example, the form of players at any given tournament and recent head-to-head matchups between competitors will naturally influence the odds in one direction or another. Additionally, changes in weather or other external factors may change the chances of a particular outcome occurring, so it is important to stay informed about these kinds of developments when looking at the odds.

In addition to understanding changes in odds based on external factors, it is also important for bettors to understand what kind of strategy they are looking for when making their bets. Some bettors may look for value bets that offer higher returns but lower probabilities of success, while others may prefer consistently low returns with a high chance of success. Ultimately, understanding both strategies can help bettors find more success when placing their wagers.

Read Professional Tipsters

While luck undoubtedly plays a major role in any betting activity, there are several betting tips that can assist players in making informed decisions and potentially increasing their chances of success. Professional tipsters often advise bettors to look at the record of each player before placing a bet, as well as consider recent form and physical condition. Additionally, they recommend that punters should not only focus on the head-to-head records of both competitors, but pay attention to how their styles match up against one another.

When it comes to table tennis specific bets, professional tipsters suggest wagering on match handicaps for singles and doubles matches, as these allow bettors to get an edge over bookmakers by predicting the exact score difference between two competitors. A further point is that players should look at the markets available from different sportsbooks, including A/B sets and total points markets – understanding the small differences between various sites in order to ensure they are getting the best value bets.

Another important point made by professional tipsters is that research is key when it comes to table tennis betting. Betting enthusiasts should study past matchups between two teams or players in order to identify trends and make informed decisions regarding their wagers. Similarly, watching matches before placing a bet can help provide valuable insight into how certain players perform in certain scenarios or against certain opponents.

Finally, experts advise utilizing pre-match analysis tools such as head-to-head statistics and market analysis tools to gain an advantage over less experienced gamblers. These tools offer comprehensive data and insights into upcoming matches which can be used as part of a more comprehensive strategy when it comes to table tennis betting.

Table Tennis Events

Table Tennis World Cup

The Table Tennis World Cup is an annual event bringing together some of the world’s top players to compete for the grand title. This prestigious event, organized by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) since 1980, has made table tennis one of the most popular and competitive sports in the world. Over recent years, the tournament has seen many new legends emerging and dominating their respective divisions with skillful strokes and agile footwork.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans flock to each venue to join in on the enthusiasm of watching their favorite players battle it out for gold. The atmosphere at these tournaments is electric as supporters show up decked out in team colors while waving flags and banners with pride. The thrill that comes from witnessing a closely fought match between two highly skilled opponents is incomparable to any other experience.

In addition to offering world-class entertainment for viewers, the Table Tennis World Cup also serves as a platform for up-and-coming talent to showcase their skills on an international level. After all, it’s here where dreams can be made and champions are born! With millions watching from all over the world, this is a chance for athletes to prove themselves among some of the best competitors in table tennis history.

World Table Tennis Championships

The World Table Tennis Championships is one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world and it attracts the top players from around the globe. Held every two years, the tournament is divided into different divisions and cups, and features both men’s and women’s categories. The Championships are widely considered to be a showcase of the highest level of competitive table tennis skill.

The first World Table Tennis Championship was held in London during 1926 and has since been held in many different countries such as China, Japan, Germany, Austria, Sweden, England and more. The tournament has grown significantly over time with over 80 countries sending teams to participate in recent years. It is comprised of a variety of matches from singles to doubles to mixed events with teams competing for medals across all divisions.

ITTF World Table Tennis Championships 2023

The World Table Tennis Championships also feature several sport betting opportunities for those who wish to get involved in this exciting event. Betting odds are available on all divisions including men’s singles, women’s singles, team events or even individual matches between players. With so many nations participating in this championship event each year, online sportsbooks offer various betting lines with different odds on individual matches or whole tournaments depending on which country you choose to bet on.

Table Tennis at the Olympics

Table tennis has been a part of every Olympics since 1988 and has become one of the most popular events at the games with its fast-paced, action-packed matches. Table tennis athletes are some of the fittest athletes in the entire world due to their ability to stay focused and react quickly.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Table Tennis - Mixed Doubles - Quarterfinal

In table tennis at the Olympics, athletes must compete in both singles (where they play against each other) and doubles where they pair up with another athlete from their country (or from another). During this competition, points are scored for both sets won and individual games won. Players can also score bonus points for winning rallies in spectacular fashion such as hitting powerful shots or fooling opponents with deceptive spins on their serves.

ITTF World Tour

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) World Tour is one of the biggest events in the world of table tennis. It is a series of tournaments spread over multiple cities around the globe, featuring some of the best professional players from around the world. The tour has been running since 1996, and it’s made up of dozens of tournaments, with multiple different divisions and categories for competitors to compete in.

The ITTF World Tour is considered by many to be one of the most important competitions in table tennis. It has been held to crown world champions for both men and women, as well as many disciplines such as singles, doubles, team events, and more. It is also a major part of table tennis’s worldwide popularity; its tournaments are broadcasted on TV channels all over the world, making it highly visible to casual viewers and avid fans alike.

2020 ITTF World Tour

Competition at these events isn’t just limited to top-level professionals; there are often amateurs who come out as well to show off their skills against some of the best players in the game. Spectators can expect high-stakes matches between two equally talented opponents where anything can happen. Some spectacular rallies have been known to occur at these events which makes them even more exciting for everyone involved.

Aside from being an entertaining spectacle for viewers at home, ITTF World Tour tournaments also offer lucrative prize money and rewards for competitors who perform exceptionally well during these contests. =

European Championships

The European Table Tennis Championships are one of the most prestigious international sporting events in the world. This event is held every two years and features some of the greatest players from across Europe competing for the title of European champion. Held in various countries, it attracts a great deal of interest from both fans and bookmakers alike.

The championships are broken down into individual and team events, with each having its own roster of contenders vying for victory. In recent years, Germany, Romania, Russia, France, Sweden and Poland have all been strong contenders in both categories. Some of the standout players to watch include Timo Boll from Germany, Robert Gardos from Austria and Vladimir Samsonov from Belarus who have all won multiple titles in their respective disciplines.

European table tennis championships 2022

When it comes to betting on the European Table Tennis Championships there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration by punters keen to make a successful wager. Firstly, knowledge of the players involved is crucial as form can often play a big part in determining who will triumph on the day. Additionally, understanding which nations traditionally perform better than others can also give bettors an insight as to who may come out on top over the course of a tournament.

Finally, assessing which players tend to perform better on particular surfaces or techniques is hugely important when it comes to making an informed decision at the bookmaker’s window – something that more seasoned punters will always take into account before making their final selection. Put together these elements with careful study and analysis and you could find yourself with a lucrative return when taking part in sports betting over the European Table Tennis Championships.

Europe Top-16

The Europe Top-16 Table Tennis event is an annual tournament held in a different European country each year. It brings together the best players from across the continent to battle it out for the title of European Champion in this exciting sport. With its high levels of skill and athletic prowess, it’s no wonder that this competition has become so popular with fans and competitors alike.

ETTU Europe Top 16 Cup 2022 Final

At the Europe Top-16 event, each nation sends their best players to compete in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles disciplines. In each discipline, 16 players take part in a series of knockout matches that whittle down the participants until only two remain to contest for the title of European champion. Spectators can witness some truly incredible displays of skill and athleticism as these elite athletes battle it out for supremacy on the table tennis court.

Asian Championships

The Asian Table Tennis Championships is one of the most prestigious and competitive tournaments in the world, drawing some of the best players from across Asia to compete for glory. Held every two years, it provides a great opportunity for the top athletes in this sport to test their skills against other region’s champions and establish themselves as the premier player in their discipline. The tournament has been running since 1971 and since then has seen some incredible matches with many legendary players earning titles and awards.

12th South East Asian Table Tennis Championships 2022

As well as providing exciting matches within each tournament category, these championships are also valuable for another reason – it gives players from around Asia a chance to prove themselves on an international stage and increase their visibility within table tennis circles. This can be hugely beneficial for those looking to make it big within this sport or pave a path towards Olympic selection down the line.

Live Table Tennis Betting

Live table tennis betting allows gamblers to wager on matches as they happen in real-time and experience the full intensity of each point. With a wide variety of markets on offer from different bookmakers, players can find bets that suit their own playing style and risk appetite.

Live table tennis betting is becoming increasingly popular due to its fast-paced nature and high levels of unpredictability. It is not uncommon for a match to turn around quickly with just one or two shots, making it ideal for those who want quick returns and some excitement. The range of bets available also means that there are plenty of options for those who want to take a calculated risk, such as correct score and handicap bets.

The best way to get started with live table tennis betting is by finding a reliable bookmaker that offers competitive odds and reliable customer service. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential profits from your wagers, as well as ensuring that you can always withdraw your winnings without any issues. Additionally, reading reviews and researching different bookmakers can help you make an informed decision about where to place your bets.

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How to Bet on Table Tennis Online?

When it comes to betting on table tennis, there are a few different ways you can approach it. You can either place bets on individual matches or tournaments as a whole. It’s important to remember that you may need to research each player and team before making any bets so you have an idea of their chances of winning. Additionally, be sure to read up on the rules of the game so you know what kind of wagers you will be able to make.

The best way to get started with betting on table tennis is by signing up for an online sportsbook. This will allow you access to more information about each player, as well as give you better odds when placing your wagers. Be sure to take advantage of any bonuses or promotions offered by the bookmaker when opening your account – this can give you an edge when placing your bets.

Another important step when betting on table tennis is familiarizing yourself with the different types of wagers available. Some common wagers include match result (who wins), set result (which team takes two out of three sets), total points scored by both teams, handicap bets (point spreads), and outright winners (the overall tournament champion). Taking some time to understand how these work and how they might affect your bet is crucial for making smart decisions when gambling on table tennis matches or tournaments.


In conclusion, betting on table tennis can potentially be highly lucrative if done properly. To maximize the chances of success, research is key; bettors should become familiar with the players, the tournaments and the game itself to understand the dynamics of table tennis betting. It’s also important to choose a reliable sportsbook, one that offers competitive odds and a wide selection of markets. Last but not least, risk management is essential; bettors should set reasonable limits on the amounts they wager and understand how to manage their bankrolls in order to maintain profits in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do table tennis matches end in a draw?

Yes, table tennis matches can end in a draw with both players tied in score. A draw is counted as a half-win for both players and the match is usually considered a “dead rubber” as it does not affect either player’s rankings.

How to predict parlays bets in table tennis?

Predicting parlay bets in table tennis is always a challenging task due to the fast-paced nature of the game. In order to increase your chances of success, it is important to have a good understanding of the sport, as well as the different strategies used by professional players.

Does table tennis have high odds?

No, table tennis does not have high odds. The sport is relatively easy to predict and there is not a lot of variation in the outcome of matches. This means that bookmakers often offer low odds on table tennis matches.

Is table tennis betting legal?

Generally speaking, table tennis betting is only allowed in certain markets and jurisdictions such as the UK, where bookmakers are licensed to accept bets on table tennis matches. In other countries, including the United States, online table tennis betting is not available due to certain regulatory restrictions.

Is table tennis 11 or 21 points?

Table tennis is typically played up to 11 points, but there are several variations of the game that can be played up to 21 points. In most cases, the first player to reach 11 or 21 points wins the game, depending on the variation being played.

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