What Is a Handicap in Betting: Meaning & How it Works

A handicap in betting refers to a situation where one team or player is given an advantage, or disadvantage, in order to even out the odds of winning. This means that the handicap can either make it easier or harder for a team or player to win the game.

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What is a Handicap in Betting?


A handicap in betting refers to a situation where one team or player is given an advantage or disadvantage, in order to even out the odds of winning. This means that the handicap can either increase or decrease the volume of challenge for a team or player to win the game. In other words, it amplifies the difficulty level or reduces it, depending on the specific handicap assigned.

Handicap Betting Explained

In sports betting, handicaps are often used when there is a clear favorite and underdog in a game. By giving the underdog a handicap, it levels the playing field and makes the game more exciting for bettors. For example, if Team A is heavily favored to win against Team B, a handicap may be applied where Team B starts the game with a certain number of points already on the scoreboard.

This allows bettors to potentially win more money if they bet on the underdog, as they now have a better chance of winning (or at least losing by a smaller margin).

However, handicaps can also be applied to the favorite team in order to make betting on them less appealing. In this case, the handicap would work against them and make it harder for them to win the game.

Overall, handicaps in betting create a more balanced and exciting game for bettors, allowing for potential higher payouts. It is important for bettors to understand handicaps and how they may affect their bets.

How Handicap Betting Works

In handicap betting, the handicap serves as an equalizer that is applied to the final result of the game. It is a way to level the playing field and create more balanced odds for betting purposes. When a handicap is assigned to a team or player, such as Team B at +2.5, it means they will effectively start the game with a 2.5 point lead, providing them with a head start in terms of scoring.

The impact of the handicap becomes crucial when determining the outcome of bets. If Team B manages to win the game by any margin, or even loses by less than 2.5 points, those who placed their bets on Team B will emerge victorious. The handicap provides a buffer, allowing bettors to overcome the point difference and still win their wagers.

However, if Team B loses by more than 2.5 points, those who bet on them will face disappointment as their bets will not be successful. The handicap serves as a threshold, and if the team fails to stay within the specified margin, the advantage provided by the handicap is nullified, resulting in a loss for the bettors.

It’s worth noting that handicaps can be given as whole numbers as well, rather than fractions. In such cases, the precise number of points associated with the handicap needs to be considered to determine the outcome of bets accurately. This emphasizes the importance of understanding the exact conditions and calculations related to the handicap when making betting decisions.

Handicap Betting for Football

In soccer or football betting, handicaps are frequently implemented through a “draw no bet” handicap. This particular type of handicap ensures that if the game concludes with a draw, any wagers placed on either team will be refunded to the bettor. This handicap option provides an added layer of security and minimizes the risk of losing the bet in case of a tie result.

When utilizing the “draw no bet” handicap, the focus shifts from predicting the outright winner of the match to determining the team that will come out victorious after accounting for the handicap. The handicap serves as a means to adjust the final result by adding or subtracting a predetermined number of goals from the actual scoreline.

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Football Handicap Betting Example

For example, if a handicap of -0.5 is given to Team A and +0.5 handicap is given to Team B, this effectively eliminates the possibility of a draw and betting on either team will only result in a win or loss.

First Half Handicap Betting

In football handicap betting, it is also possible to place handicap bets on just the first half of the game. This allows for more betting options and can potentially lead to higher payouts.

It is important to consider the handicap carefully when placing first half handicap bets, as the handicap will only be applied to the result of the first half and not the overall game.

Handicap Draw Betting

Another type of handicap betting for football is handicap draw betting. In this case, a handicap is applied to the possibility of a draw in the game.

For example, if a handicap of +1 is given to the possibility of a draw, this means that the odds of a draw will be higher and betting on a draw could lead to higher payouts. However, it is important to carefully consider the handicap and all possible outcomes when placing bets.

NFL Handicap Betting

The handicapping of NFL games is a big business, with bettors looking to gain an edge on the competition. There are a number of ways to handicap games, including studying matchups, trends and player injuries. Some bettors also use computer simulations to help them make their picks.

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The most important factor in handicapping NFL games is the point spread. This is the margin of victory that the bookmakers expect in each game. Bettors can take advantage of this spread by betting on both teams or by betting against the favorite.

Another factors that bettors need to consider when handicapping NFL games are the weather and the condition of the playing surface. A bad weather forecast can impact the game, as can a poor field surface.

Finally, it is important to be aware of any recent changes in the team’s lineup or coaching staff. These changes can have a major impact on how a team performs on game day.

Rugby Handicap Betting

Rugby handicap betting is a great way to make a match more interesting, and it can also add an extra level of excitement for the fans. By giving one team a handicap, it means that they have to overcome that deficit in order to win the match outright. This can make for some very close encounters, as both teams battle it out for the victory.

Handicap betting explained - what does handicap mean in betting?

Handicap betting can be used in any sport, but it is particularly popular in rugby. This is because rugby is a physical and demanding sport, and there are often big differences in the levels of ability between the two teams. A handicap can help to even things out, and make for a more competitive match.

There are a number of different handicap betting options available in rugby. You can bet on a team to win with a handicap, or you can bet on them to lose with a handicap. There are also options to bet on the margin of victory, or whether the match will be won by either team with or without a handicap.

Cricket Handicap Betting

Cricket handicap betting is a form of betting where the punter bets on a team to win or lose by a certain number of runs. In handicap betting, one team is given a head start (or handicap) of runs before the match begins. This makes the odds more even and means that there is more chance of a close game. Handicap betting can be used in any form of cricket, from internationals down to village games.

One of the advantages of handicap betting is that it allows punters to bet on teams that they think might not be favourites to win. For example, in an international match between England and Australia, England might not be the favourite to win, but with a handicap of 50 runs, they become more competitive. This means that there is money to be made by betting on them, even if they lose the match.

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Another advantage of handicap betting is that it makes for more interesting games. With a head start, the underdog has a better chance of winning, which can lead to some excitement towards the end of the game. This can make for an enjoyable experience whether you are watching or betting on the match.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is a popular form of sports betting where the bettor has the opportunity to reduce the potential bias of the bookmaker. In a standard bet, the bettor risks their chosen amount of money in order to win an equivalent amount from the bookmaker. With an Asian handicap, the bettor can choose to either reduce their risk or increase their potential payout by splitting the bet into two separate wagers – one for each possible outcome.

For example, if Manchester United are playing against Arsenal and you think that Manchester United will win, you might choose to place an Asian handicap bet on them. This would mean that you are betting that Manchester United will win by more than one goal. If they only win by one goal, you would still lose your bet, but if they win by two or more goals then you would win your bet.

Asian handicap bets can be used for both pre-match and in-play betting and can be applied to a wide range of sports, including football, rugby and cricket. They are particularly popular in Asia, where punters often find it difficult to beat the bookmakers at their own game.

Difference Between Handicap and Spread Betting

Handicap betting, also known as match handicapping, is a betting system used in sports such as football and basketball in which one team is given an advantage of a set number of points. This is done in order to make the game more fair and competitive. The purpose of handicap betting is to create an equal playing field for both teams, making the chances of winning for each team more even.

In spread betting, one team is given a head start or disadvantage relative to the other team. This is usually done by giving the favoured team a handicap, which is essentially a points advantage. The underdog will then have to overcome this handicap in order to win the bet. Spread betting is often used in sports where there is a significant favourite and underdog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does +2 handicap mean?

+2 handicap means that the team with the handicap will start the game with a two-point advantage.

What does +0.5 handicap mean?

+0.5 handicap means that the team with the handicap will start the game with a 0.5-point advantage (essentially half a point).

How do I calculate my handicap?

Your handicap is calculated by taking the average of your best 10 scores and subtracting the course handicap from it. Your handicap can change over time as you improve or worsen at the game.

What is a good handicap?

There is no set handicap that is considered “good” as it can vary depending on the game and the level of competition. Generally, a lower handicap indicates that the player is more skilled and experienced in the game. However, handicaps can also be influenced by factors such as the difficulty of the course being played on.

What is a low handicap?

A handicap of 0 to 5 is considered low, while a handicap of 10 or above is considered high. However, this can vary depending on the game and the level of competition. A player with a handicap of 2 in golf may be considered low, while a handicap of 2 in bowling may be considered high. It is also important to note that handicaps can change over time as a player improves or worsens at the game.

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